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  • Jo has a real skill for getting to the heart of what matters, while facilitating the work in a very organic and empathetic way. We had the kind of conversation we so often forget to have, and which is crucial for our future development: What do you care about most? How can you align your work, and life, with these values for a healthier, more productive and fulfilled life?
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    Lotta Holmberg:Startup Marketing Advisor & Storyteller

  • I would highly recommend Make Do Co. for anyone looking to become equipped with tools for living a balanced, broad and fulfilling life that brings a heightened level of awareness to the work place.
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    Hayley Cole:General Manager, Stellar* Concepts

  • I asked Johanna to introduce NVC to our creative company of delicate souls. They embraced the ideas with relish and we all spoke candidly of our fears and motivations. I would recommend Johanna to anyone who wants to communicate with more compassion.
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    Gethin Fisher:General Manager, BWD Creative

  • Jo made fantastic contributions to our group discussions and steered them skilfully, whether it was about business development, goals and vision or interpersonal relationships.
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    Sally Hill:Impact Strategist, Founder, Wildwon Projects

  • I came away from the three days brimming with energy and ideas. Sarah and Jo are truly professional and authentic in everything they teach. They are generous with their time and knowledge; and it is obvious how much they love what they do.
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    Alison Shillington:Guest, Yamba Yoga Retreat

  • An inspirational facilitator, Johanna provided our team at Stellar* with enlightening insights into workplace relationships and ways to deal with difficult situations.
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    Marguerite Julian:Managing Director, Stellar* Concepts

  • Make Do Co.’s Yamba Yoga Weekend was a fantastic way to take some much-needed time out and reset. The hands-on, intimate yoga classes were a great way to improve my physical yoga practice, while the girls’ in-depth knowledge and mindfulness techniques gave me some really beneficial tools to take home.
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    Kye Greenacre:Guest, Yamba Yoga Retreat


Tools for making, doing and being too.

    The field guide for finding your calling.
    Help bring this book to print with your pre-purchase. Watch this space - crowdfunding coming soon!

    Integrate wellness into your everyday. A slow living mini e-magazine with recipes for traditional foods to nourish, heal, pleasure and delight.

    Work weighing on you?
    Try an express de-stress. A quick meditation for when you don't have the time, but know you need the benefits.

    We all perform better on a good night's sleep. Drift off to sleep with this short meditation for winding down and relaxing deep within the mind and body.

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