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Welcome to a worldwide movement, where meaning is the mindset.

At Make Do Co. we are constantly exploring this question: How can we create organisations where people thrive and great work happens?

We believe that putting people and purpose at the heart of organisations can achieve this. Business is now being viewed as a mechanism for people and the planet; a way to solve problems (not cause them) and a way to make life more interesting and fun. Teams are more motivated by doing work that they believe is meaningful, and tend to perform better when they’re being supported by their employer.

And the data supports this.

People are increasingly supporting meaningful businesses in how they shop and where they choose to work. A 2014 survey conducted by Deloitte found that focusing on purpose alongside profit builds business confidence and drives investment.


And many people are reconsidering what success means to them, placing more value on wellbeing, quality of relationships, the environment around them, and opportunities for deeper connection and more meaningful work. This is not happening on the fringe, but reaching as far into mainstream business as Arianna Huffington and her sleep revolution and Google’s Search Inside Yourself program.

It simply makes more sense – after all, we invented business; it didn’t invent us. It’s no wonder people are asking: “How can we make business work better?”

Profit & prosperity

Equally, as a business owner or executive under pressure, it can be difficult to prioritise a culture of purpose if it is seen as being at odds with your business growth strategy.

Thankfully, there is no need to choose between purpose and prosperity. The two work together!

Values-led businesses are a growing force. In 2015, meaningful brands around the world enjoyed increased sales, better brand awareness and higher annual returns than other companies, according to the Meaningful Brands Report by Havas.

And, as every experienced leader knows, good people are an organisation’s best asset. So the question lingers: “How can we attract good staff, and motivate and keep our best people engaged?”


You guessed it… The answer lies in purpose. According to an article in Fast Company, millennials — who will account for 75% of the workforce in 2025 — are motivated by the aim to make the world more compassionate, innovative, and sustainable. While an increasing number of would-be retirees are shunning the “golden years,” to embark on exciting (sometimes necessary) second careers that are as much about doing good as they are about making a living.

Purpose, it seems, is spanning the ages.


Make Do Co. is dedicated to helping meaningful businesses thrive through higher purpose, employee culture and great storytelling. Here are some of the benefits in working with us:

Layer 25   Reconnect to your company’s core purpose and share your story so the world listens.

Layer 29  Breed meaningful innovation and develop leadership qualities in your business with people working to their values.

Layer 31  Generate creative thinking and autonomy in your people. Cultivate a team that is loyal, motivated, energised and connected.

Layer 26  Take your venture to the next level, with everyone aligned to one roadmap with a shared vision and enthusiasm for the future.

Layer 27  Foster wellbeing, a happy environment and productive way of working – and learn to grow your business in a meaningful way.

Layer 28  Gain the communication skills to help your team hum.


Make Do Co.’s work is led by founder, Johanna Scott, and a team of outsourced area experts who are brought in for the relevant projects. We work at three levels in your organisation to create the impact you imagine.


Higher purpose

A strategic plan for building a business of purpose, we use holistic frameworks and thorough research to provide you with a higher purpose roadmap. This includes:

A culture of purpose

Make Do Co. helps develop the skills in your people to counter balance the issues that often get in the way of good work (like poor communication, lack of leadership, limited creativity and innovative thinking, stress and burnout, lack of initiative and poor teamwork). We believe that when you create a great place to work, people reward you with good work.

Here are some of the ways we can help:

Purpose storytelling

Bring your purpose to life by engaging the right people: Your employees, customers, partners and wider community. Johanna (the founder of Make Do Co.) has been helping businesses with their community engagement for over ten years, developing a proven framework for powerful storytelling.

Make Do Co. provides strategy and work in:


We’ve worked with startups, large corporations, small businesses and leaders to host retreats, workshops and programs.

Here are some things people have said about us:


As soon as I moved my venture back to Sydney from San Francisco I set about finding the community of people who are all about purpose led businesses. Jo is at the centre of this community and we worked together over a number of months to really help me crystallise that for us here at uno. If you are trying to build a purpose led business, individually or with a team then her insight, guidance and support will give you a massive head start.

Vincent Turner, CEO, uno.

Jo is an extremely skilled facilitator and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. She helped us to generate ideas and practical results, build life skills and relationships and also helped us to really enjoy ourselves and feel nourished and relaxed. Jo has a great style that put everyone at ease, yet guided us firmly through each process. She made fantastic contributions to our group discussions and steered them skilfully, whether it was about business development, goals and vision or interpersonal relationships.

Sally Hill, Impact Strategist & Founder, Wildwon Projects.

I asked Johanna to introduce NVC to our creative company of delicate souls. They embraced the ideas with relish and we all spoke candidly of our fears and motivations. I would recommend Johanna to anyone who wants to communicate with more compassion.

Gethin Fisher, General Manager, BWD Creative.

Jo’s deep seated passion for healthy living and balance shone through and provided both motivation and comfort for everyone involved. I would highly recommend Make Do Co. for anyone looking for tools for living a balanced, broad and fulfilling life that brings a heightened level of awareness to the work place.

Hayley Cole, General Manager, Stellar* Concepts.

An inspirational facilitator, Johanna provided our team at Stellar* with enlightening insights into workplace relationships and ways to deal with difficult situations.

Marguerite Julian, Managing Director, Stellar* Concepts.

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