Strengthen the foundation of a career or business that matters, and gain the skills to make it fly.

If meaning is your mindset, we’re on the same page. This teaching is for people who want to create something extraordinary in their work and are seeking frameworks, knowledge, skills and community to make it happen.


Make Do Co. is gathering a group of exceptional people to take part in our first ever purpose-led business school.

The course is aimed at helping people find and create a meaningful career path for themselves – work that’s so fulfilling it doesn’t feel like work … and because it will inevitably be a labour of love, work that has positive impact on the world (even just a little dent. After all, small is beautiful).

The course will cater to people wanting a shift in their career and life; or people who suspect they want to start their own business; and people already in the thick of running their own small business or startup. It’s important to recognise that this course does not prescribe the what (that’s ultimately up to you), but the how, offering a new way of living, working and doing business – whatever work you are in!

Come on a deeply personal journey to create the meaningful business or career you imagine. Gain clarity on your vision. Work in a way that makes you happy. Do something you can be proud of.

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The Program

What’s the value?
Be at the cutting edge of a new era of conscious business. Fly with new found knowledge of holistic frameworks to create a thriving business or career that embodies everything you value and greatly benefits the world.

What will you learn?
We cover fascinating topics like finding your purpose, values-led business, empathic communication frameworks, authentic marketing, mindful leadership and happy workplace culture.

Who is it for?
You might already be in business, wanting to incorporate a more holistic approach; you might be looking to start your own thing with authenticity and positive impact; or you might be unsure of your path but curious about getting ahead without losing your heart.


Who is it not for?
If you want to make a quick buck with minimal effort, are secure in the practice of business as usual, and not concerned by the impact of your work, then this course is probably not for you. You’ll learn the skills to make and do great things, but the commitment and heart must come from you.

What’s involved?
You will learn how to distil your passions and values into a clear business goal; find your purpose; find flow in your life; learn how to create real change as an artisan brand, sustainability leader or in social issues; learn the art of storytelling and authentic marketing; as well as doing some inner work into self awareness and self care – crucial skills for the longevity of your business and leadership.

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Your teacher

This course is guided by me, Johanna Scott, the founder of Make Do Co. 

Like most people, I have had good and bad experiences in the workplace and I became curious about what makes work great, and what can make it stale and unfulfilling. I was also curious about the business world’s potential to contribute really positively to the world, instead of this idea that you can only do good or make money.

I was learning a lot about purpose and conscious awareness through yoga, meditation and other holistic practices and I thought it could be cool – not to mention incredibly transformative – to translate these concepts into the workplace.


Simultaneously, really influential people around the world were sharing these ideas too – reaching as far into mainstream business as Arianna Huffington and her sleep revolution and Google’s Search Inside Yourself program – and so I could see that health, wellbeing and purpose-led workplaces weren’t going anywhere. They will only continue to become more prevalent as more people experience the benefits.

I created this course for people at the crossroads of realisation that they want to do work (or build a business) that is more meaningful – work that helps them tap into their passions and curiosities; work that allows them space for health and happiness; and work that is a reflection of their true selves.

Why me?

I’m a self-graduate of the program, consistently carving out a fulfilling work and life for myself using all the tools and frameworks at my disposal like yoga, meditation, design, non-violent communication, permaculture, behavioural science and agile business – the MDCo. sweet spot if you will! I have combined this knowledge into a framework I want to share with people on the same journey.

And while I am the last person to promote an idyllic life – it’s life after all! – I am happy. My work is full of purpose; I am completely fulfilled by what I do; I have the freedom to exercise, eat well and spend time with people important to me; and I’m excited by the unfolding trends I am witnessing in purpose-driven business.

Perhaps you feel you’re in the right job, but want to reinvent how you work to make everyday more balanced and fulfilling. Maybe you have a hankering to leave your corporate role and start your own thing that will completely light you up. Or maybe you want to bring a higher purpose to your organisation.

I’ll help you uncover what’s most important to you and translate that into real world outcomes.

I must stress that not everyone coming through the course is an entrepreneur – the result is entirely open to difference, there is no one right way for all of us. But for those who do suspect they want to create a purpose-driven business, I can help!

My credentials include:

If this sounds appealing to you, apply for the first intake and I’ll be in touch with more information.

Hope to see you there! Johanna.


We’ve hosted public courses, meetups, retreats and one-on-one coaching sessions to help people find balance, fulfilment and clearer direction in their careers and lives.

Here are some things people have said about us:

Jo skilfully took me through a series of exercises aimed at getting to my core values. She has a real skill for getting to the heart of what matters, while facilitating the work in a very organic and empathetic way. We had the kind of conversation we so often forget to have, and which is crucial for our future development. What do you care about most? How can you align your work, and life, with these values for a healthier, more productive and fulfilled life? I can easily see how Jo’s work could benefit both organisations and individuals who want to move forward with a team that’s aligned, passionate and connected to their values.

~ Lotta Holmberg: Startup Marketing Advisor & Storyteller

The MDCo/Yamba Yoga retreat is possibly the best kept secret – I’m holding on to it as long as I can, whilst telling everyone about it non-stop! I came away from the three days brimming with energy and ideas. Sarah and Jo are truly professional and authentic in everything they teach. They are generous with their time and knowledge; and it is obvious how much they love what they do. I’ll definitely be returning…

~ Ali Shillington, retreat guest

“A mixture of Jo and Sarah make these weekends extra special. They are a wealth of knowledge and offer all levels of yoga. The adjustments/massages just top it off. It is a beautiful weekend to stop and breath and remember what is important in life. I am always humbled by how I feel about life and am left with valuable tools in dealing with life situations. Not to mention the food is absolutely delicious. The variety and food combinations are amazing. Thanks girls can’t wait till the next one.”

~ Ange Bliss, retreat guest

Yamba is a beautiful place and doing a yoga retreat at Yamba with Jo and Sarah is an experience not to be missed. They are excellent yoga teachers, and you are nurtured in body, mind and spirit. I have found the other participants to always be friendly, inclusive, interesting and interested.

~ Belinda Burke, retreat guest

I have attended a number of yoga retreats run by Sarah and Jo and found them fabulous-The yoga classes suit all levels with people able to choose their own level and pace. The prepared meals are delicious and healthy and the shared dinners a great opportunity to mingle and learn more -Great value for 5 classes, some yummy food -all in beautiful relaxing Yamba.

~ Jan Dent, retreat guest

Make Do Co.’s Yamba Yoga Weekend was a fantastic way to take some much-needed time out and reset. The hands-on, intimate yoga classes were a great way to improve my physical yoga practice, while the girls’ in-depth knowledge and mindfulness techniques gave me some really beneficial tools to take home. This – combined with some amazing essential oils – were a great point of difference from my usual yoga practice. Sarah and Jo create a very personalised experience, welcoming you into their family home for meals (which were all delicious) and keeping the classes small. There was a really great balance between group time and free time, allowing us to enjoy the beachside location and feel like we’d had a short but extremely rejuvenating holiday.

~ Kye Greenacre, retreat guest

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