2019 program dates announced

Make Do Co. Workshops 2019-2020

From the outset, I created Make Do. in response to some of the gaps I was seeing in how we live, work and do business.

I hope you’ll agree that my new programs address these gaps, up-skilling you to create work processes and practices that will truly satisfy you; as well as bringing in lots of awareness around how you can live more joyfully.

New workshops

My content is now offered in three comprehensive workshops. It’s Make Do as you have experienced it before, but better organised!


Back in 2015, when I kicked things off, Make Do was the community that I wished existed for me.

I wanted to pull together a bunch of people who:

  1. wanted to do work that was meaningful and mattered to them
  2. wanted to make what the world needs (were compelled to act, not just talk about it!)
  3. and were willing to cheer on and support others doing things that inspired them

But not only this – I wanted Make Do to be about more than work. Because how we fill our days is, of course, how we fill our lives. I wanted to know if success could come without hustle. And if balance could come without compromise.

Join me in the classroom

I hope you will join me for these classes. It would be an honour to share these skills with you.

If you have any questions, just send me an email and we can discuss more. Look forward to diving into this work. Johanna

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