All Inclusive Package

All Inclusive Package

price: $ 4,999.00

Gain holistic skills for a modern, more human approach to business and leadership.

All the things

Experience the remarkable impact of committing to the entire Make Do Co. offering (20% discount)

Are you ready to jump all in? If you have followed Make Do Co. for some time and feel that everything I offer is relevant to you, then there is real value in committing to taking part in every program offered.

Not only will you be gaining a rounded education in self care, connection to others and purposeful growth for your business, you get a 20% discount off the entire purchase price, along with free bonus materials.

Cost: $4999

Format: Making a commitment to “All The Things” means signing up to every core program offered. You don’t have to be able to make the current advertised date for each course, because you will have two years to complete the entire offering – giving you ample time to make each workshop and get the most benefit from everything you learn. Dates for each new workshop are announced at the completion of the current one.

Inclusions: A 2-year window to complete the Make Do Co. full program offering:

Mastery ($1299):
– Pre-reading resources and follow up resources
– 2-day immersive workshop
– 12 x monthly practice groups including meditation, restorative yoga and Mastery check-ins (group practice class notes and guidance available for those based remotely)

Common Ground ($1299):
– Pre-reading resources and follow up resources
– 2-day immersive workshop
– 12 x monthly communication practice groups (group practice class notes and guidance available for those based remotely)

Small Business Breakthrough ($2299):
– Pre-reading resources and follow up resources
– 3-day immersive workshop (Friday evening, Saturday & Sunday)
– 3 x one-on-one coaching sessions
– 3 x rounds of strategic feedback based on your unique situation, with the chief aim of generating tangible and exciting progress

Business + Careers Coaching ($1099):
– 1 x 90-minute introductory session
– 4 x 60-minute coaching sessions
– 5 x rounds of strategic feedback as follow up to our sessions

Bonus inclusions: A free copy of my book Play; a free download of audio meditations 6-Minute Express Meditation and Deep Sleep Meditation; and a free download of my slow food recipe book To The Table.

Holistic skills you will gain: Calm, self-awareness, resilience, adaptability, effectiveness, purpose, playfulness, communication, empathy, charm, eloquence, diplomacy, leadership,  supportiveness, entrepreneurship, creativity, confidence, decisiveness, effectiveness and innovation.

Your teacher

This course is facilitated by me, Johanna Scott. Learn more about me here, and view each individual course offering for more information on how I am equipped to teach that program.

I hope you will join me in the class. It would be an honour to share these skills with you!

The Not-So-Fine Print

The Make Do Co. All Inclusive Package is a non-refundable investment. I trust you to make a wise and thoughtful decision. Also, please note that travel, accommodation and food is not included in the purchase price.

If you have remaining questions around the value of this course or who it’s best suited to, read the FAQs section.

Also …

I believe that business is not only about selling, but standing for something, so 10% of profits from each workshop will be donated to Orange Women and Children’s Domestic Violence Crisis Centre (learn more about their important work here).

If you’re a business or company that believes in the advantage of holistic skills in the workplace (like self-awareness, empathy, calm, resilience and eloquence) then help spread the love! Contact me about sponsoring a “chair” for someone who would otherwise not be able to come to this workshop (and we can co-promote the opportunity you have created). The more we invest in each other, the more our collective consciousness grows.

The time is now

If the benefits of this program sound appealing to you – say yes! Click the link below to get started, and I look forward to having you in the class. I am so committed to this work, and confident in the changes you will see.