Made in Orange Meetup

Made in Orange Meetup

date: Thursday 12th September 2019 time: 8am - 9am price: $ 15.00

Join like-minded local business owners for a relaxed, but productive, morning coffee and catch up.

A monthly meetup for local businesses

Made in Orange is a relaxed, monthly catch up for locally owned and run businesses in Orange, NSW.

The aim is to strengthen connections between business owners so we can create a “rising tide” effect in the community, where we all benefit from working together. It’s also a great way to get to know each other better!

September Meetup

Our September meetup will take place on Thursday 12th September at 8am, at XXX venue. Get your tickets below.

The format

Each meetup kicks off with a Lean Coffee. This is a structured, but agenda-less meeting where participants gather, propose some topics for discussion (usually something you want advice on – see below), and then we discuss as a group with everyone taking part. I (Johanna) will facilitate the discussion – something I used to do in my co-working space in Sydney.

Lean Coffee expands on the “lean” or “agile” concepts from tech startups, where unnecessary waste or effort is discarded quickly. By gathering and deciding on the topic in the moment, we make sure the discussion is productive and relevant to everyone present. You can help other people out by sharing your experience, proposing new ways to look at a problem, or potentially connecting them to someone else in Orange who could help. You will also gain these benefits from others in the group.

There are dozens of Lean Coffee meetups happening across the world in places like Seattle, San Francisco, Toronto, Stockholm, Edinburgh, Brighton, Sydney and we’ve put Orange on that list.
Learn more about the Lean Coffee format here.

After 30-minutes discussion, some people will need to head off to work, those who want to, can remain for 20-minutes or so to chat socially and enjoy a cup of (real) coffee or tea and a bite to eat.

Topics for discussion

It is completely up to the group what we discuss, but here are some examples:

– Pricing your services correctly
– Reaching new customers
– Finding good staff
– Training and motivating staff
– The best platform for your new website
– The quickest way to keep on top of social media content
– Community building
– Content marketing

And we could go on …


The Made in Orange Meetup is suitable for creative freelancers, intrapreneurs from larger businesses, small business owners, one man bands, people with a passion for startups or local business … and anyone who simply wants to learn, or create.


Made in Orange rotates among local venues. We’re regularly looking for people to host the group (it can be a great way to show people what you’re doing), so please contact me to discuss hosting the next one.

Made in Orange also has an invite-only Facebook group. Once you have attended a meetup you can join the group and continue the conversation.

What’s included?

The ticket price covers administration costs to run and facilitate the event. Sometimes coffee is included thanks to a sponsor, sometimes we pay for our own drinks. If you would like to sponsor a treat for the group, let me know!

Other Central West chapters

If you operate a business in the Central West (but outside of Orange) contact me to kickstart a chapter in your local town.

Sign up

Add your ticket to your cart by clicking the button below. You’ll then get further instructions over email. Look forward to seeing you there!

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