The Make Do Co. mission

Make Do Co. helps build business that matters. And because life is short, this is not only about working better, but living better too.

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We are Make Do


I’m Johanna Scott. I founded Make Do Co. in 2015 in response to some of the gaps I was seeing in how we live, work and do business.

The goal of creating this purpose-led community was to bring together a group of people who wanted to make something they were passionate about and, in that process, do work that was meaningful and mattered to them.

But not only this – I wanted Make Do to be about more than work. Because how we fill our days is, of course, how we fill our lives. As a result, all my programs measure success holistically – by your goals, your mental wellbeing, your health and your genuine happiness.

I offer programs that will help you gain – what I call – “holistic leadership skills,” including meditation and yoga workshops to help foster calm, build resilience and manage stress; a communication workshops to help you argue better and make every interaction more productive; and a small business program to help you build the business you imagine.

In 2019, we moved our little family to Orange, where I now base the business. Courses are offered locally, and increasingly elsewhere. Sign up to my mailing list to stay in touch with the event updates.

The Make Do Co. story

Make Do Co. celebrates businesses of purpose, wholehearted leaders and happiness.

It was founded as part of a personal interest to find out what makes for fulfilling work and its part in living a full life.

The skinny on this journey?

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