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Meditation in the Central West

Mastery Mediation is a regular meditation workshop based in Orange, NSW that caters to the local Central West Area including Orange, Bathurst, Cowra and Lithgow.

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Are you doing? Or are you being?

Most people define themselves by what they “do,” but this thinking means we never really feel complete. We are so much more than that. Can you come back to your deep naval

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You are not your thoughts

Just because a thought pops up, doesn’t mean it is true and it doesn’t necessarily mean it is useful or insightful. Thoughts come and go – constantly. But you are not your

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You can’t cheat rest

Where you dedicate yourself to challenging work, you must be equally committed to rest and surrender (which can be even more challenging for some people, by the way).

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How to meditate

You might feel a draw to meditate, but haven’t quite found a technique that works for you. Learn a brief background of meditation and how to meditate.

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Join the 8-week yoga and meditation class this Autumn

Most yoga and meditation classes in Sydney seem to fall at opposite ends of the spectrum: Advanced trainings or drop in sweat-fests. This doesn’t address the need for deeper practice, without a

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