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Nonviolent communication in Orange

Learn NVC in Orange with Make Do Co. Common Ground Communication is designed to help you communicate with honesty, power, clarity and empathy.

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Why you should ignore negative feedback

When you spend your time trying to convert an unlikely customer, you not only waste a lot of precious energy, you also miss an opportunity to help someone who actually wants what

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How a holiday to India made me a better business leader

Three essentials for the future of work.

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Make Do Co: The values behind the business

From the start, Make Do has been about fostering a culture of change makers, a community of people interested in better business and wholehearted living. As this community grows, this list will

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Why I started Make Do Co.

I was miserable in my job but unsure what else I could do. I felt drained by a life tipped in the balance towards too much work and sad that many of

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