Angus Ford Robertson on fulfilment


If you’re not following your true path and what feels right, your soul is withering by the second.

On this episode of People of Purpose, Angus Ford Robertson, Director of Battersea Yoga, shares his thoughts on life and death, suffering and joy, dealing with mind chatter and moving onto fulfilment.

About Angus Ford Robertson

Angus is a yoga teacher, retreat leader, singer/song writer, father of four and spiritual warrior. He co-owns and operates Battersea Yoga studio in London, with his partner Nadia.

He has studied with Eckhart Tolle and Ajahn Sumedho, two spiritual giants on the world stage, and in the years following has formed a particular affinity for teaching mindfulness and helping people manage depression and anxiety. He trained as a Yoga teacher in Canada and is qualified in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

As Director of Battersea Yoga, he provides Mindfulness Courses to over 120 NHS GP practices in London. He also provides Mindfulness and Stress Reduction courses to large corporations, educational establishments and government bodies.

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