Damien Walsh on responsible banking


This, for me, is key: People just tell me how proud they are to be able to work for the bank. And I just think that’s great.

When asked what makes him happy, Damien Walsh said his family, his friends and the fact that when he goes to work everyday, he is making a difference.

What field is he in?

Have a guess – and you might not pick banking. But that’s exactly what Damien does.

He’s the CEO and Managing Director of Bank Australia, a customer owned bank that’s in the business to create mutual prosperity – for its customers, the communities it operates in and the planet.

The following interview was recorded in front of a live audience at Purpose 2015, a two-day gathering for purpose driven business. This event was produced by the talented team of experience designers at Wildwon Projects. To find out more, visit purpose.do.


About Damien

With 28 years of customer owned banking experience in a range of executive management roles, Damien was appointed CEO and Managing Director of Bank Australia on 1 September 2011 – the same day it became Australia’s first customer owned bank.

Prior to this appointment, Damien served as General Manager of Corporate Services for eight years, also holding the position of Company Secretary.

Under Damien’s leadership, the bank has been recognised nationally and internationally as one of Australia’s most successful customer owned responsible banks. Damien has combined leading economic performance with a strong commitment to sustainable development, the creation of customer value and development of a highly engaged corporate culture.

Damien champions a more responsible approach to banking and strong stewardship of the bank’s wealth. Through his efforts, the bank has developed a reputation for leadership in sustainability and community investment more recently, in integrated reporting.

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