Hannah Moloney on peak soil and hidden opportunities


Peak soil is a challenge we will be facing everywhere. We need to educate growers of all scale on how to regenerate and build soils, as opposed to using and abusing them. If you have healthy soil, you can have healthy produce, and you can then have healthy people. It’s a very clear connection. Having nutrient dense food is dependent on having nutrient dense soils.

On this episode of People of Purpose, Johanna speaks to Hannah Moloney of Good Life Permaculture about the hidden opportunities in some of the world’s biggest problems, the power of community, the problem of “peak soil” and the importance of ethics in business, leadership and life.

About Hannah

Hannah Moloney is one half of Good Life Permaculture, a design, teaching and integrated example of the Permaculture approach. Or in other words: They are nature, working.

Hannah runs her Permaculture business with partner Anton Vikstrom. The pair have been living in Tassie since 2012 and have been busy applying their skills in permaculture and sustainability in their home and community ever since.

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