Jack Hubbard on ruffling business ties


I seem to be living my life now following other people’s dreams. Once you’ve got your own dream, it doesn’t end there. It’s about following other people’s dreams and exploring those.

Jack Hubbard wants to know why business is so serious – who’s telling us to suit up and leave ourselves at the cubicle door.

He’s discovered that no one is actually telling us this – but that business people are conditioned to think and behave in a certain way that is no longer necessary.

It’s why he now follows the mantra “no office required,” working and playing from his home in the Swiss Alps. His latest project Dream Valley Projects is an alpine playground for dreamers, entrepreneurs and change-makers to meet, play and save the world.

About Jack

Jack Hubbard launched his own marketing business Propellernet in 2003, which went on to win multiple awards and be successful in all the conventional ways. But instead of using that success to fund more business and chase more numbers across a spreadsheet, Jack uses this success as a special type of currency — to fund dreams. He launched Dream Valley Projects in 2014.

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