Jess Miller on making activism fun

jess miller goody two shoes

Ideally what you’re getting people to do – whether it’s growing their own food, whether it’s hosting a dinner for a refugee, whether it’s riding a bike – it has to have an inherent value and an inherent appeal to people. Otherwise why would they do it? Why wouldn’t you just sit at home and watch Game of Thrones?

How does Jess Miller get people to engage in the bigger issues? It’s about making positive behaviour irresistibly desirable and contagiously fun. Jess speaks about her unique approach to activism, art and life in Sydney, and some of her better known projects like 202020 Vision, The Garage Sale Trail, Grow it Local and the Bondi Gobbler Commercial Composting Pilot.

About Jess

Jess Miller uses the Internet to get people off the Internet and change the world for the better. She is savvy about what makes social networks tick, and understands that to mobilise forces for good, you have to throw a great party.

— this tactic even has a name: She calls it The Trojan Horse of good fun.

Jess operates under her own organisation Goody Two Shoes, collaborating with a wide variety of people and businesses to create some of the most innovative community focussed events in the country. She’s got people tweeting about growing their own food, connecting over street art and participating in the collaborative economy.

Photo credit: Cynthia Sciberras.

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