Carlos Saba & Laurence McCahill on happiness


That’s the journey we’re on, to change that mindset that you either do good or make money, but in fact you can do both.

A bus accident in New Zealand that left Laurence McCahill with a broken back and wondering whether he would walk again gave him a major shock, and the welcome perspective that life was too short to do work you don’t love (thankfully he fully recovered).

Carlos Saba says his goals are for his kids to have the best start in life, to have a deep and loving relationship with his wife for the rest of their days, and to make a positive impact in the small world around him.

So already we know this isn’t your average business school the pair are running – but the name gives it away entirely.

Laurence and Carlos are the founders of The Happy Startup School, a global community of budding entrepreneurs, startup founders and changemakers, who believe there’s more to life, and business, than making money.

I spoke with the pair hotel poolside at their immersive retreat in India, called Ashramtry to ignore the construction noises happening in the background, growth doesn’t slow down in India for this little podcast – but the conversation is worth it.


About Laurence and Carlos

Laurence McCahill describes himself as a sparkly optimist and man on a mission to spread entrepreneurial happiness. His business partner and long time school friend Carlos Saba, describes himself as having an artist’s soul with a scientist’s mind.

You can learn more about them on their website: The Happy Startup School.

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