Matt Branagan on craftiness


The art scene seemed inaccessible. It was hard to get involved. We wanted to make it easy to connect to amazing artists and creatives.

When Matt Branagan and Chester Garcia pitched their idea for a new kind of creative business to a packed out audience at TedX Sydney in 2013, did they realise that in three short years they would have locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane with immediate plans to expand into Byron Bay and beyond?

As part of a TedX competition sponsored by The Loop, the boys were able to get their idea in front of a large and highly engaged audience and – from the outside at least – it seems as though they have not glanced back. Work-Shop offers fun and affordable short courses in arts, crafts and life skills, with locations around Australia and plans to expand into other countries in the coming year.

Perhaps in protest against an increasingly online existence; perhaps in response to a desire to produce something tangible; or potentially due to a growing focus on creativity, alongside analytical thinking, the school has really taken off.

Whatever the reason, people – it seems – cannot get enough of craft!

On this episode of People of Purpose, Matt talks about the resurgence of arts and craft and the benefits of making, in the context of his kooky creativity school. Matt talks about about the journey of starting Work-Shop, their offering, and – of course – their purpose.

About Matt:

Matt Branagan is co-founder of Work-Shop, a school of kooky creativity, which according to its website, is designed to “bring out your inner awesome.” It’s an ambitious goal, but as you drill down on the values behind Work-Shop you can see how this might be achieved. Practical skills, affordable fun, real world human connections and right brain thinking are all outcomes of seemingly simple topics like Harmonica for beginners, Streetart 101, or DIY doughnuts.

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