Paula Scher on serious design


When you lose boredom, you lose your ability to fantasise and free associate, free fall. I always get my best ideas when I’m stuck in traffic on fifth avenue in a cab, because I’m trapped.

On this episode of People of Purpose, Johanna speaks to Paula Scher about serious design, art, her love of New York, and how she walks away from socially recognised measures of success to continue to push the boundaries of design. Paula has been a vanguard of the design industry for decades and continues to produce award winning work at Pentagram.

About Paula Scher

Paula is a true pioneer and renegade, when it comes to the world of design. Paula began her career designing lush – sometimes surprising – record covers for CBS Records, running her own firm for a number of years, then moving to Pentagram in the 90s, where she later became the first female Principal. She continues her work at Pentagram today.

Paula is a recipient of the National Design Award, AIGA Medal, Type Directors Club Medal, and is a member of the Art Directors Club Hall of Fame. She has taught design at the School of Visual Arts and has held teaching positions at Cooper Union, Yale, and Tyler School of Art.

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