Sophie Hansen on building communities around stories

Sophie Hansen shares her insights on creating popular food blog Local is Lovely and content social media marketing school, My Open Kitchen; as well as the journey from being named 2016 Rural Woman of the Year.

I’m a big believer in the power of collaboration. The magic is in seeing people say – “hey, maybe if I write stories you could take the photos – or we could do this cool project.” That’s how it works. You might have complementary businesses and so you connect to each other’s networks and support each other.

Sophie Hansen, People of Purpose podcast

Sophie Hansen, creator of Local is Lovely blog and My Open Kitchen e-school

Sophie Hansen is an established food and lifestyle features writer, a successful blogger and a local & seasonal food champion.

Sophie’s photos are scroll-stopping and she has a beautiful way with words – managing to capture life on the farm, and the emotion around every meal perfectly, all the while making each post helpful to us readers (that’s what you call being generous with your knowledge).

These talents are flexed under Sophie’s popular blog – Local is Lovely – and taught under her newer, but just as popular social media school My Open Kitchen.

Sophie is an advocate for farmers and country creatives; encouraging them to find their voice and share their stories on social media, and subsequently out in the real world.

Sophie lives and works from her family farm Mandagery Creek, just outside of Orange in regional NSW.

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About Sophie

Born and raised in Sydney, now living with her family on their farm just outside Orange in country New South Wales, Sophie Hansen trained in journalism and has over 20 years’ experience as a features writer. She has contributed to Australian Country Style and Outback magazines; she was an editor for Slow Food International’s English website, lived in Italy for three years and is fluent in Italian.

In 2013 she set up her blog, Local is Lovely, and her podcast My Open Kitchen is going into its third season. Sophie has been awarded Australian Rural Woman of the Year in recognition of her commitment to rural communities. She believes in simple, tasty and seasonal food made with love and shared generously.

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