Will Davies on sustainable business


If you’re going to be doing something, you might as well be doing what you love –something that you feel is your real life’s work.

On this episode of People of Purpose, Johanna speaks to Will Davies, CEO of Car Next Door, about creating a business with sustainability at its heart, while ensuring it is sustainable as a business (in the financial sense of the word).

If you don’t put some love into what you do, well what’s the point? … But if you don’t survive as a business, you’re headed for burnout. Will had some absolute gems around productivity, customer experience and creating a real community. A great listen for anyone wanting to create a values-led business.

About Will

Will Davies is the founder of Car Next Door, a peer-to-peer car sharing service currently available in Sydney and Melbourne.

Like a true entrepreneur he’s connecting a solution to a problem – helping to reduce the amount of cars on the road, by connecting under-used cars to drivers who need them. It’s peer-to-peer magic at work.


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