Common Ground

Common Ground

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Jo is such a wonderful teacher and communicator. I found the skills she taught in Common Ground to be nothing short of life changing.
~ Emily Ellis, Photographer
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Common Ground

Learn the art of a good argument.

The next Common Ground Communication workshop is coming soon.

Improve how you communicate with Common Ground, a program for personal and work relationships.

What happens when we fight? Some people say things they don’t entirely mean, creating a rift that can make further interactions disconnected and difficult. Others retreat, later wishing they had spoken up more, left with lingering resentment, regret, and a lost opportunity to have their say. But what if each scenario was entirely unnecessary? If disagreement is a normal part of life, how can we make sure it’s productive, rather than destructive?

The Common Ground program teaches you how to argue well – not fight badly: to hear others (even in disagreement), to clearly communicate what you want (with courage), and to find common ground with anyone on any issue. Based on the teachings of Marshall Rosenberg, and the ancient art of persuasion, Common Ground will help you evolve your communication skills in all facets of life, with time-tested techniques you can use straight away.

If you enjoy the clarity, calm and grounding of holistic practices like yoga, this teaching takes it to the next level by helping to shape how you understand your most important relationships and interact with others.

Cost: $1497

Location: Online

Commitment: 8-week course

Format: The course is taught online in 6-modules over 8-weeks.

Inclusions: 8-week immersive course with  follow up resources; and 2 live group coaching sessions.

Holistic skills you will gain: Communication, empathy, calm, charm, eloquence, resilience, self-awareness, diplomacy, leadership and supportiveness.

Your teacher

This course is facilitated by me, Johanna Scott. Good communication has been the backbone of my career for over 12 years now – from early days cutting my teeth in public relations and persuasion, to evolving with social media and digital marketing breakthroughs, to becoming a brand and marketing consultant and owning my own business – I even have two university degrees in the topic! But what has stood out to all my clients and contacts over the years is my ability to write, speak and communicate on behalf of their brands with honesty, authenticity, character and a flair for “getting the voice right.”

In 2013 I uncovered a revolutionary way of communicating – one that completed the communication puzzle for me. It has had significant impact on all my relationships – from my most personal and intimate to my most professional.

Based on the world renowned and highly regarded work of psychologist Marshall Rosenberg, this technique values resolution over defeat, revealing a way of connecting with others and self without using any of the following: judging, grovelling, bullying, submitting, blaming, discriminating, speaking without listening, criticising, reacting, using political rhetoric, or being defensive.

If you want to argue well; express yourself clearly, hear others authentically and find common ground with anyone, I’d love to share this knowledge with you. I conduct the workshop in an accessible way that encourages ongoing inquiry – with an emphasis on uncovering your own voice, making this a completely natural and honest way of communicating. You … but better!

Common Ground workshop format

The five-pillars of Common Ground

> Empathy: The ability to listen and hear others authentically (not just what they say, but what they mean)
> Authenticity: The ability to uncover and better understand your own motivations and needs.
> Communication: The ability to express yourself clearly and with courage.
> Freedom: The ability to see choice in every situation.
> Persuasion: The ability to put your argument in a way that will be well timed and better received.

The focus of this program is on learning to understand your own motivations and actions to improve how you conduct yourself in conflict or in other difficult situations. From a place of honest self-reflection and connection, you will then be better placed to understand what might be at play for the other person. Rather than responding to triggers, bad habits or tired storytelling, you will become curious about what is truly happening and better able to respond with empathy, honesty, clarity and power.

I hope you will join me in the class. It would be an honour to share these skills with you!

The time is now

If the benefits of this workshop sound appealing to you – say yes! Click the link below to get started, and I look forward to having you in the class. I am so committed to this work, and confident in the changes you will see.

The next Common Ground Communication workshop is coming soon.

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