Play: A book on work & life

Play: A book on work & life

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The Make Do Co. book, Play, is now in print thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign and the generous support of the Make Do Co. community.

Here’s how it started

The information below comes from the original crowdfunding campaign that happened in 2017.

There are limited copies remaining for sale. Purchase yours below!

The Crowdfunding Campaign

“Never underestimate the vital importance of finding early in life, the work that for you, is play. This turns possible underachievers into happy warriors.”
~ Sir Ken Robinson.

What is the book about?

The book is called “Play,” and it’s an exploration of what it means to do work you truly love, and how that impacts your life and business.

It starts from the perspective of finding your personal purpose; connecting with others to increase your potential for impact; then moving beyond into creating a great culture in your workplace.

It begins and ends with the spirit of play because life is meant to be spontaneous and enjoyed.

The book is informed by years of research into how we can create organisations where people thrive and great work happens; as well as my practical experience in this space, helping people achieve that through my business Make Do Co.

Scroll down for the chapter-by-chapter details of what will be covered in the book.

Who wrote it?

I’m Johanna Scott. I started Make Do Co. with a mission to reconnect business to people and purpose.

The approach is a little unusual – starting with the premise that business exists to help people (not the other way round) and that business can do well and do good.

Who is it for?

“How you live your days is, of course, how you live your life.”

~ Annie Dillard.

This book is for anyone who knows that life is too short to balance living with work. It’s all life!

It is written for:

Business owners who want to create a thriving workplace culture.
Intrapreneurs who want to improve large organisations from within.
Impact seekers embarking on a big life change.
People who have no plans to make big career leaps, but are simply curious about how life could be better through more conscious choices in daily work.

The chapters are in no ways prescriptive (I have no doubt your ideal life is different from mine!), but more exploratory.

What’s in it for readers?

When we approach life and work with the spirit of play – instead of fear, guilt, shame, duty or obligation – we are more likely to make choices that better contribute to life. When we make conscious decisions like this, even hard work feels like play.

The chapters cover the following:


Chapter 1: Rethinking business for humans.
Chapter 2: Arriving with the right mindset.
Chapter 3: Doing what you love.
Chapter 4: Connecting what you love to a business idea, new venture or passion project.
Chapter 5: Rethinking how we work for happier, healthier habits.
Chapter 6: Utilising healthy pressure.


Chapter 7: How to kick off a new venture at the cross section of what you love and what you do well.
Chapter 8: Starting small for big impact.
Chapter 9: Your relationship to money. How to make a living and a life.
Chapter 10: Facing limitations and finding self confidence.


Chapter 11: How to hire or work for people who share your purpose and passion.
Chapter 12: Permaculture, a new model for business.
Chapter 13: Emotional intelligence and communicating better with other people.


Chapter 14: How to get it all done, without burning out.
Chapter 15: Tell your story so the world listens.
Chapter 16: The new ways of measuring impact and success.

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