Don’t define yourself by what you do

20 tips for meaningful living

Photo by Taylor Simpson on Unsplash

What do you do?

This is often the question we get asked when we meet someone new.

Because in the West we are taught from a very young age that what we do and what we own are key components for measuring whether we are successful. As a product of that culture, I accept to an extent, that I am not immune to that value. I do place a big emphasis on my work, because a purpose-fuelled career gives me so much meaning.

I’m thankful, however, for the perspective that Yoga offers; that who we are and how we are, constitute the ultimate proof of a life lived in freedom.

Have you ever considered your health and wellbeing to be an indication of success? Have you ever reviewed the day and assessed it based on — not how much you achieved — but how you lived, operated and existed within that day.

The pursuit of a Larger Life is not characterised on meaningless productivity, but on rich experience and daily embodiment of the things you truly value.

I believe we are better when we operate in line with what we care about. And I think a slower pace allows a better connection to what we value.

Do you agree? You might be interested to read my slow living guide — an article with 20-tips on living each day more like a holiday. It’s not about laziness or not caring about work. In fact, it’s the opposite. I believe that by slowing down, you can become better in tune with what truly drives and inspires you — making you not only happier and full of purpose, but more effective in your work too.⁠

Download my slow living guide here.

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