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Mastery Meditation Course

“Jo’s presence is calm, reassuring and observant. Jo is completely aligned with her work. Many can talk the talk, Jo walks the walk. I found the course captivating, mind expanding yet a down to earth guide for anyone looking to develop a quiet strength in their lives. A wonderful experience.”
~ Sarah MacInnes, Director, SEED Paediatric Services.

“Meditation is something we all talk about but rarely make space for in our daily lives. It’s also something I’ve found difficult to navigate alone, using a podcast or self-help books. Attending Jo’s Mastery Meditation Workshop is the answer I didn’t know I was looking for. The weekend was dedicated to the gentle, informative coaching by Jo in yoga and meditation which helped me glean a better understanding of my mind and body . I learnt how to nourish my soul, indulge in the present and how to create, and return to the quiet recesses of my mind so that I am a happier, more productive business owner, mother and wife. I highly recommend Johanna Scott and Make Do Co workshops as the weekend getaway, every soul craves (even if you don’t know it yet)!”
~ Vanessa Vazquez Evans, Solicitor, Whiteley, Ironside & Shillington.

“Jo teaches in a way that is accessible and adoptable to all levels of yogi. Easy to digest and relevant to how will live in the modern world. Reflecting on a beautiful weekend that was. Spending two full days under the guidance of this amazing teacher. Thank you Jo, for choosing this as your path. To teach so eloquently and authentically is such a gift. It comes from a place of true dedication and self practice. I will forever come back to your teachings.”
~ Monique Lovick, Founder, RawYoga Co.

“I attended the Mastery Workshop with Jo and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Jo has such a beautiful presence and her way of teaching makes the content accessible to anyone. I would thoroughly recommend Make Do Co and Johanna Scott to anyone thinking about one of the workshops.”
~ Gabrielle Staniforth, GP, The Mindful Doctor.

“I will be recommending Make Do Co.’s Mastery Meditation program to all my family and friends as this program is so important to help us learn the skills and tools to be prepared for what comes our way in our daily modern day lives. Jo’s teaching style and presence helps students to digest the concepts and benefits of meditation and mindfulness. I came away from the weekend feeling relaxed, empowered, excited to try out my new skills in my daily routines and curious to learn much more. I now feel in control and have a much higher level of self awareness. Jo, you are an amazing teacher. I can’t thank you enough!”
~ Annabelle Scott, Mastery Student.

“Over the weekend I attended Jo’s amazing workshop on Mediation Mastery and loved it. The discussions, the insights, the beautiful space and all the special touches (the yummy home-made baked goods!). Jo has a wonderful talent and is a natural teacher, I felt right at home in her workshop and didn’t want it to end. Highly recommend her workshops and looking forward to have her come and spend a morning with my team in our workplace very soon!”
~ Rachel Kerin, Kerin Physio.

“What an amazing weekend! Thanks Jo for your enlightening teaching! Your methods and instructions are clear and patient and for someone delving into meditation for the first time, the welcoming feeling you gave me made my experience so much more. Definitely a must do.”
~ Kristy MetKraft, Mastery Student.

“Everyone needs a weekend with Jo. Her calm and gentle energy is so empowering. She has taught me that it’s a fantastic place to be in stillness. Jo has taught me skills I never knew I needed, and truly value.”
~ Casey Mulholland, Mastery Student.

“I was fortunate to attend Jo’s Mastery Mediation course in September 2019. A weekend full of easily digestible concepts and insights along with practical activities to outline and reinforce our learning. Jo was an excellent facilitator, clearly an expert and has a genuine passion for helping others realise their potential. The group was a collective of like-minded individuals who made me feel comfortable and happy to share and interact. Also, Jo makes delicious gluten free baked goods and treats!”
~ Emma Ridley, Mastery Student.

“I attended the mastery meditation course and highly recommend! It was a great experience, Jo guided us through different ideas and then we practiced these ideas on the mats. Feeling very refreshed.”
~ Alice Scott, Mastery Student.

Common Ground Communication Course

“I attended Jo’s course Common Ground and found the benefits of this so great and far reaching. Jo is a passionate and gifted teacher and communicator. I found the skills she taught in Common Ground to be nothing short of life changing.
~ Emily Ellis, Photographer.

Jo facilitates an amazing course called Common Ground. My approach has always been if you learn or take just one thing it is worth it. I took so much more than that. This course is absolutely worthwhile & I would thoroughly recommend others to embrace it.
~ Trudy O’Connor, Common Ground student.

I attended Jo’s course Common Ground and absolutely loved it. The theory based content around non violent communication was really interesting and a tool I can use both at work and home. The course was balanced perfectly with yoga and meditation sessions across two days.
Highly recommend!
~ Jenna West, Common Ground Student.

Small Business Breakthrough Course

“I recently attended Jo’s wonderful workshop, Small Business Breakthrough. I would highly recommend this to small business owners. It was the perfect combination of tangible and practical steps to take to move your business forward, along with more holistic topics such as working with purpose, self-care and even considering the permaculture framework from a small business viewpoint. Jo is warm, approachable and had the participants completely engrossed!”
~ Sarah Campbell, Yamba Yoga Retreats

“Having loved Jo’s Mastery Mediation course, I jumped at the chance to participate in her Small Business Breakthrough weekend workshop in February 2020. I’ve worked in start-ups in Sydney and had the opportunity to attend similar courses in the past, however, what resonated with me was Jo’s strong belief to use business as a force for good and in the process empower others to do the same. The course modules encouraged us to be curious, commit to learning and sparked discussion amongst the group. The group was small and intimate, which allowed for honest sharing of fears and failures. Even though I don’t currently have a business it was an uplifting, thought-provoking and fantastic weekend to just be present and connect with other value-driven people. Can we do it all again?”
~ Emma Ridley, Startup Consultant

“Johanna’s Small Business Breakthrough course is a must do for all of you out there who are starting a small business or already running one! Where do I start….
Firstly Johanna is one of the loveliest ladies I have ever met. My course began on the evening of Friday the 28th of February where I walked into a room of strangers, all of us coming together to be taught by Johanna and straight away Johanna’s smile put me at ease and the feeling in the room was of warmth and excitement.
The weekend is full! Johanna guided us calmly through each step of our workbooks and as a group we shared and listened to one another as well as working on our own…..all the time I felt empowered by being in a room with a shared common goal.
The whole weekend was a joy! The knowledge I have come away with and the clear mind I have going forward with my small business is beyond exciting. One of the things I truly enjoyed was the meditation offered at the beginning and end of each day. In the morning it allowed me to clear my mind and centre myself, be open to the learning process. In the afternoon it allowed me to reflect and be grateful for the day! It is a practice I would like to look into further by attending one of Johanna’s Meditation weekends.
I now have my MDCo. folder beside me and will continue to go through each module to revise my notes and continue planning and plotting my course. I can’t thank you enough Johanna, you are an amazing teacher, passionate and caring with the voice of an angel which I could listen to all day! Lastly thank you to the Union Bank who looked after us so well and to all the lovely students I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with! Maybe we could get together again…. Meditation weekend anyone?! Best wishes, Sasha Dalziell Bruty.”
~ Sasha Dalziell Bruty, Sasha’s Daily Blooms

Business Coaching

“Jo skilfully took me through a series of exercises aimed at getting to my core values. She has a real skill for getting to the heart of what matters, while facilitating the work in a very organic and empathetic way. We had the kind of conversation we so often forget to have, and which is crucial for our future development. What do you care about most? How can you align your work, and life, with these values for a healthier, more productive and fulfilled life? I can easily see how Jo’s work could benefit both organisations and individuals who want to move forward with a team that’s aligned, passionate and connected to their values.”
~ Lotta Holmberg, Startup Marketing Advisor & Storyteller

“As soon as I moved my venture back to Sydney from San Francisco I set about finding the community of people who are all about purpose led businesses. Jo is at the centre of this community and we worked together over a number of months to really help me crystallise that for us here at uno. If you are trying to build a purpose led business, individually or with a team then her insight, guidance and support will give you a massive head start.”
~ Vincent Turner, CEO, uno home loans.

Workplace programs

“Working in a fast paced environment means we don’t often have a lot time to escape the rush, take time out as a team, reflect and re-set. Our half-day workshop with Make Do Co. was the perfect fusion of team building and inner nurturing. Starting the day with a soft yoga class allowed us all to focus the mind and body, while the exploration into Ayurveda and the Doshas offered insights into how we can best work together playing to each other’s inbuilt personality preferences.

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) was a relatively new term to most of us and proved to be an extremely valuable exercise to delve into, from both an internal and external communications perspective. Jo’s deep seated passion for healthy living and balance shone throughout the day and provided both motivation and comfort for everyone involved. I would highly recommend Make Do Co.’s urban retreat for any company looking to equip its staff with tools for living a balanced, broad and fulfilling life that brings a heightened level of awareness to the work place.”
~ Hayley Cole, General Manager Stellar* Concepts.

“Jo came to our Wildwon team retreat in the Blue Mountains. As a new team, it was our first ever chance to have some concentrated time together, so it was really important to just spend time together in a social setting, but also get through some of the important work of vision setting and working out our commonalities, differences and how to work best work together.

Jo led a yoga session first thing in the morning, which everyone really enjoyed and got our bodies and heads in the right zone for a productive and creative day. She also facilitated a session on the Wildwon future vision. We were considering running this ourselves as we are only a team of five, but, in the end I was so glad we had an external facilitator so we (the founders) could contribute and be part of the discussion.

Finally, Jo took us through the theory and a set of activities around NVC (non-violent communication). I didn’t know much about this but it provides an extremely valuable set of tools for tackling conflict, emotional situations and for building strong, constructive and positive relationships with people. Our team unanimously loved this session because it was so fascinating and was so easily and practically applicable to work situations as well as personal relationships.

Jo is an extremely skilled facilitator and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to plan and facilitate some or all of a team retreat. She helped us to generate ideas and practical results, build life skills and relationships and also helped us to really enjoy ourselves and feel nourished and relaxed. Jo has a great style that put everyone at ease, yet guided us firmly through each process. She made fantastic contributions to our group discussions and steered them skilfully, whether it was about business development, goals and vision or interpersonal relationships.”
~ Sally Hill: Impact Strategist, Founder , Wildwon Projects.

“I first met Johanna in a dingy pub cellar in East Sydney. She’d been given thirty minutes to run a breakout session at the Purpose 2015 conference on Non Violent Communications (NVC).

Despite the juxtaposition of topic and setting, which looked like a set from a gory slasher flick, Johanna’s warmth and empathy lit the room. Johanna spoke with honesty and clarity and drew heartfelt confessions from a room full of strangers.

Afterwards, I asked Johanna to introduce NVC to our creative company of delicate souls. They embraced the ideas with relish. We all spoke candidly of our fears and motivations, about how our feelings are hurt as much by thoughtless emails as they are by direct shots. It was intimate, and at times raw and personal, but we all felt closer. I’m sure I still trample over people’s feelings despite Johanna’s guidance, but I try to step more lightly. I would recommend Johanna to anyone who wants to communicate with more compassion.”
~ Gethin Fisher: General Manager, BWD Strategic.

“We were so thankful for having Jo from Make Do Co. facilitate a workshop for our team that focused on values based and purposeful living. It was the perfect balance of nurturing, reconnecting as a team and reflecting as individuals – without being too new agey or sounding like a jerk! I would truly recommend this to any organisation, team or individual. It was brilliant!”
~ Sarah MacInnes: Director, Seed Therapy Services

“An inspirational facilitator, Johanna provided our team at Stellar* with enlightening insights into workplace relationships and ways to deal with difficult situations.”
~ Marguerite Julian: Founder & Managing Director Stellar* Concepts.

Praise for Yamba Yoga Weekends

“The MDCo/Yamba Yoga retreat is possibly the best kept secret – I’m holding on to it as long as I can, whilst telling everyone about it non-stop! I came away from the three days brimming with energy and ideas. Sarah and Jo are truly professional and authentic in everything they teach. They are generous with their time and knowledge; and it is obvious how much they love what they do. I’ll definitely be returning…”
~ Ali S.

“A mixture of Jo and Sarah make these weekends extra special. They are a wealth of knowledge and offer all levels of yoga. The adjustments/massages just top it off. It is a beautiful weekend to stop and breath and remember what is important in life. I am always humbled by how I feel about life and am left with valuable tools in dealing with life situations. Not to mention the food is absolutely delicious. The variety and food combinations are amazing. Thanks girls can’t wait till the next one.”
~ Ange B.

“Yamba is a beautiful place and doing a yoga retreat at Yamba with Jo and Sarah is an experience not to be missed. They are excellent yoga teachers, and you are nurtured in body, mind and spirit. I have found the other participants to always be friendly, inclusive, interesting and interested.”
~ Belinda B.

“I have attended a number of yoga retreats run by Sarah and Jo and found them fabulous-The yoga classes suit all levels with people able to choose their own level and pace. The prepared meals are delicious and healthy and the shared dinners a great opportunity to mingle and learn more -Great value for 5 classes, some yummy food -all in beautiful relaxing Yamba.”
~ Jan D.

“Make Do Co.’s Yamba Yoga Weekend was a fantastic way to take some much-needed time out and reset. The hands-on, intimate yoga classes were a great way to improve my physical yoga practice, while the girls’ in-depth knowledge and mindfulness techniques gave me some really beneficial tools to take home. This – combined with some amazing essential oils – were a great point of difference from my usual yoga practice. Sarah and Jo create a very personalised experience, welcoming you into their family home for meals (which were all delicious) and keeping the classes small. There was a really great balance between group time and free time, allowing us to enjoy the beachside location and feel like we’d had a short but extremely rejuvenating holiday.”
~ Kye G.

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