Looking for better climate change leadership?

My latest newsletter included a curated list of great reads following a bit of a theme — how can we stay engaged, hopeful and productive in the face of threats from climate change?

If, like me, you have been seeking better leadership on this issue, then I encourage you to carve out some time to read, listen, watch and share those materials.

What I found most uplifting about each content piece was the absence of guilt, blame and shame. This is about all of us working together, in the ways we know — no one excluded.

There’s a hopeful and productive list of steps from Milkwood Permaculture, along with my podcast interview with Nick and Hannah Maloney of GoodLife Permaculture. There’s a Happy Startups Summer Camp talk from Max St. John on rethinking the role of stress as a contributor to (not just as a result of) climate change. And a recent post from Sukha Mukha Yoga on active hope (a yogic perspective of action and positivity).

There are inspiring, knowledgeable and well-equipped people already taking the action that is needed, and they’re not waiting for permission to start.

Please share yours back, so we can build hope and positive action together.

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