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Sasha Titchkosky on following your heart

Sasha Titchkosky shares her passion for Yuta Badayala, a collaboration between traditional weavers from Elcho Island Arts in Arnhem Land and Koskela, and other design for social change projects. She also talks

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Jess Miller on making activism fun

How does Jess Miller get people to engage in the bigger issues? It’s about making positive behaviour irresistibly desirable and contagiously fun. Jess speaks about her unique approach to activism, art and

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Sally Hill on purpose led business

Sally Hill captures what it was like to host Edward Snowden on his first Australian panel, and speaks about the positive movement changing business as usual.

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Hannah Moloney on peak soil and hidden opportunities

Hannah Moloney of Good Life Permaculture talks about the hidden opportunities in some of the world’s biggest problems, the power of community, the problem of “peak soil” and the importance of ethics

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Nick Ritar on practicing permaculture

Nick Ritar wants Aussies to make common sense more common, learn some new habits and reconnect a broken system. His answer lies in Permaculture.

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Michael Bierut on design and writing

Michael shares his thoughts on what it means to write and how New York has shaped him as a designer and as a person.

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