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Carlos Saba & Laurence McCahill on happiness

Carlos Saba and Laurence McCahill on happiness, business and only doing work you love. Also learn about their game changing events: Ashram, Alptitude and Summer Camp.

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Lawrence Goldstone on complex problems

Lawrence Goldstone talks about the early days of The Difference and shares the firm’s methodology for solving complex problems.

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Emmie Rae on writing

All about writing! Live Q&A recording with poet Emmie Rae on writing as meditation, as a profession, and as a creative outlet.

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Damien Walsh on responsible banking

Live from Purpose 2015 — Damien Walsh of Bank Australia speaks about the role of banks in creating resilient communities, his bank’s commitment to sustainability, and creating customer value.

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Abigail Forsyth on waste and less stuff

Live recording from Purpose 2015 — Abigail Forsyth on how she created a global business from the humble beginnings of her own lounge room; her thoughts on sustainability discourse (we declare the

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Will Davies on sustainable business

If you don’t put some love into what you do, well what’s the point? … But if you don’t survive as a business, you’re headed for burnout. Will Davies, CEO of Car

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