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Natasha Jen on adventure and art

Natasha Jen on her rapid ascent to leadership in New York’s design world, her love of adventure and art, and the advice she would give to her younger self if she could

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Chase Emmons on life on an urban farm

Chase Emmons, Managing Partner & Locations Director at Brooklyn Grange Farm, shares a little of life on the farm, its uniquely urban setting of New York and his thoughts on the future

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Vince Frost on designing your life

Vince Frost shares insight on his career and life including how he learned to listen to his inner voice, how he bounced back from a career setback and why he’s designing better

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Angus Ford Robertson on fulfilment

Angus Ford Robertson, Director of Battersea Yoga, shares his thoughts on life and death, suffering and joy, dealing with mind chatter and moving onto fulfilment.

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Jon Stein on happiness

Jon Stein, founder and CEO of Betterment, talks about his journey in starting Betterment, building a happy team, and the art of growing both in a meaningful way.

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Paula Scher on serious design

Johanna speaks to Paula Scher about serious design, art, her love of New York, and how she walks away from socially recognised measures of success to continue to push the boundaries of

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