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The questions below form the essence of the questions I get asked most frequently. Still have more questions? Email me now.

I love to enjoy life, have a few drinks, eat red meat – and I don’t think I can be nice all of the time, can I still do the course?

This is a course, not a religion. Live your life, just as you like! Your choices have nothing to do with me. I believe that the true meaning of yoga, meditation and nonviolent communication is to live more authentically and joyfully – so therefore – guilt, obligation and dogma are strictly off the agenda.

Why would I pay for your courses? Shouldn’t this stuff be free?

Meditation, yoga and non-violent communication seem to have an uncomfortable history with money – if these practices are all about self-betterment (the logic goes), shouldn’t they be “above” the business of money?

The simplest response is that we all have mouths to feed and that requires us to draw an income from somewhere (unless following the monk route, which clearly, I have not!). I live firmly in the western world of — not excessive-consumption — but simple capitalism, where with the exception of things we do for friends or family, volunteer work or acts of generosity, we pay or get paid for the work we do. This is my chosen field of expertise and this is a business.

When I started out (like many new business owners) I drastically underestimated the cost of delivering on my vision, but now I’ve being doing this long enough to understand what I need to charge to deliver on what I promise – which is an in-depth educational experience with a wow-factor! I truly want to offer an incredible, memorable, life-changing experience.

However it goes without saying that this business exists for many reasons beyond money (learn more about why I started Make Do Co. here, and the values behind the business here). I’m really proud to say I offer my clients education and a service that I genuinely believe in. I couldn’t be more passionate about what I do!

True Value

More importantly, there is true value in this knowledge — value I hope you will experience every living day.

I am fully aware that when you enrol in a Make Do Co. course, you are making a significant investment. You not only commit financially, you also agree to dedicate precious time to learning with me in the classroom, as well as ongoing energy and effort to integrate these practices into your life.

Instead of offering a “drop in” format with people coming and going, I have created more intensive packages to help people understand the concepts and embody them with regular practice to truly make the learnings a way of life.

I have deliberately designed my programs with this in mind, knowing that when you fully commit to something, you experience greater benefits. Over the years I have experimented with all sorts of formats and I know this to be the most beneficial.

Simply put, I work with people who are ready to commit to this greater learning approach. If you don’t think you can put the time and effort in, please don’t sign up – it is simply a waste of your money right now (although I do offer some options for dipping your toe in – see below).

Why does your course cost more than the app on my phone / the teacher at the community hall?

I have a bunch of very useful apps on my phone and I have done many a drop-in class that made me feel amazing!

But my vision for Make Do Co. is to create a space for deeper learning – a course with more time and more involved discussion on the science and meaning of the practices, as well as the opportunity to work on developing the skills to do it on your own.

One of my core reasons for starting Make Do Co. was to create something that is a true reflection of my values, passions and personality. I wanted to exceed expectations, create content I could proud of, contribute to people’s skills and knowledge while inspiring them at every touch point.

In short? I don’t do mediocre. My courses are priced accordingly in order to allow for the format that I believe provides true value: A premium experience, thoughtfully designed content, and ongoing support, all in an intimate environment.

What if I’m not ready to commit?

Feel free to dip your toes into this knowledge by taking advantage of the ongoing free content I share through Make Do Co. This includes my “People of Purpose” podcast, curated tidbits and advice – as well as one-off meetups or special events where everyone is welcome.

The best way to access that information and stay up to date on upcoming events is to sign up to my mailing list.

What if I can’t afford it?

As above, I hope you will make the most of the knowledge I share with my community for free (or in the case of one-off events, a minimal cost).

Additionally, my goal is to offer more opportunities to include people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to come to my workshops. Join my mailing list to receive updates on sponsored chairs and scholarships (see below).

I do have the money, but I’m still not sure I can afford it

Only you know the intimate details of your financial situation and I am one hundred per cent on board with savvy money management (Barefoot money movement all the way!) – if now is not the time for you, now is not the time for you.

BUT I will say this …

If you actually can afford it – but are holding yourself back with thoughts like “it’s too indulgent,” “my partner won’t understand,” “I don’t deserve it,” “my friends will think it’s a waste,” “I don’t have time,” “I’ll do it next time it runs,” then I strongly urge you to rethink.

Many of us unknowingly hold on to biases around money, believing we’ll never have enough and can’t possibly spend that much now.

I have often sat, bemused, with friends (who I happen to know are earning in the top bracket of humanity) who have said they can’t afford some course, some appointment, or some advice – even though they are desperately seeking the associated answers.

I completely own the fact that I left salaried work to step out on my own (no sick pay, maternity leave, super etc.) – my income was less certain but my purpose was more clear. I wanted to live more authentically, and that meant growing in my areas of interest. I always find money for learning and I have never regretted the spend. And because this learning was completely funded by me (no employee perks here) I have never been half-hearted in my commitment. I relish every moment!

We only get one shot at this experience we know as life.

If you’re curious about the peace, relief and expansion that meditation will bring to your life; the connection and real joy that comes with learning to communicate better; or the utter fulfilment that comes from doing work you love – then why wait to bring this stuff into your life?

Only you can make that call.

What about “sponsored chairs” and scholarships?

I regularly offer spots in my courses that are “sponsored” by me or corporate partners.

If you’re a business or company (or individual) that believes in the advantage of holistic skills in the workplace (like self-awareness, empathy, calm, resilience and eloquence) then help spread the love! Contact me about sponsoring a “chair” for someone who would otherwise not be able to come to this workshop (and we can co-promote the opportunity you have created). The more we invest in each other, the more our collective consciousness grows.

Additionally, 10% of profits from workshop will be donated to Orange Women and Children’s Domestic Violence Crisis Centre (should this ever change, current charity partnerships are always listed on the sale page).

I’ve failed at this stuff before. How do I know I’ll actually be able to do your class?

Clarity comes through engagement – we can talk about the ups and downs of meditation, yoga, compassionate communication or purpose-led business – but the only way is through. Knowing something is different to successfully executing it in your life or business. To experience the full benefits, you need to develop a regular practice.

And there is where I come in.

My courses are designed to educate you on how things work, to help you develop a plan to suit your situation and to get you actually doing it. Trust the process, get results.

The results are serious, but the approach is light-hearted

Life should be joyful! My most influential teachers have never pretended to be anything other than mere mortals, and I hope always to emulate this style. When I teach, I make it accessible, real, and with a healthy dose of humour; and I always put the onus back on you to take away whatever makes most sense for you and your life. No guilt, dogma or obligation.

Do you have a degree in this stuff?

You will probably agree that Make Do is an unusual mix of philosophies and practices – basically the intersection of my experience and personal interests – so it probably helps to understand where I’ve come from:

I am university educated in marketing communications with a Bachelor of Arts (Gender Studies, English) from Sydney University and a Masters in Communication (Management) from University of Technology, Sydney. I have a Certificate IV in Visual Communications & Design from Shillington College. I am a certified yoga and meditation teacher by Sukha Mukha, Sydney; Laughing Lotus, San Fransisco and Qui Health & Yoga (with Donna Farhi). I have also begun the process to becoming NVC (Nonviolent communication) certified (a process which takes 3-5 years). I have also completed my Permaculture Design Certificate with Milkwood Permaculture.

This training combined has equipped me for offering my programs including small business marketing; yoga and meditation courses; as well as communication courses (shaped by the work of Marshall Rosenberg, founder of NVC).

But perhaps more importantly, this is my life’s work! I am a passionate small business marketer with experience working on a huge range of boutique and big name brands (see more here). This experience provides the skills I need to help you grow your own business and brand (should you be interested in business coaching or in my Small Business Breakthrough program).

If Mastery or Common Ground have piqued your interest more, then know that I have run dozens of workplace programs on nonviolent communication content (certification to come – see above), as well as hosted sold out yoga retreats and courses.

No less importantly – I am a mum and a regular person navigating life on this earth! I know that the juggle is real. I am my own student, every day!

Last – but certainly not least – this is my passion. My bedtime reading includes Donna Farhi, Marshall Rosenberg, Eckhart Tolle and David Holmgren (riveting to me!). Ongoing self-guided study helps my programs evolve and nothing has had more impact and been more beneficial than real world, hands on work (the making and doing of things).

Will I see results straight away?

It is my goal to equip you with tools you can utilise the very day you leave my classroom. I have designed my courses to equip you with real skills, confidence and community to truly make these practices a way of life.

However like anything, the more you put in, the better you will do (and excitingly, the more you learn, the more you see there is to learn).

My courses are best suited to people who want to be empowered in their lives, people willing to put in the effort (known as Tapas – or burning enthusiasm – in yoga) and people willing to shape their own path (the ability to self-study).

Trust the process, get results.

Where are your courses based?

Courses are launching online in 2022. Join the waiting list here.

I also offer the courses in the beautiful town of Orange, regional NSW (where I live), in a variety of gorgeous local venues. They are designed to be available to visitors, as well as locals – so don’t be deterred if you don’t live here.

I have previously offered programs in Sydney and plan to schedule events in Sydney, Melbourne (and perhaps somewhere you request?) soon.

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